League stats site says “there isn’t enough sample size” to provide Taliyah’s win rate

There are some buffs planned, however.

Image via Riot Games

Taliyah, the Stoneweaver has faded into obscurity in League of Legends—she’s the only champion without a win rate percentage on OP.GG

Taliyah is known as one of the weakest junglers in League, but she can also be played in the mid lane. Even after the recent introduction of preseason items, though, Taliyah has failed to make her mark on League once more, unlike other champions that have returned to solo queue, like Aurelion Sol, for example. 

There aren’t enough players who pick Taliyah in League right now, according to OP.GG. That makes it impossible to gauge her success in the jungle or mid position. She’s the only champion that doesn’t have a wide enough sample size to calculate her win rate, according to OP.GG.

Screengrab via OP.GG

On other websites, such as U.GG, the story remains the same. In Platinum and higher, Taliyah has a 43.6 percent win rate in the jungle, but the sample size has been identified as “low.” In the mid lane position, however, she boasts a 51.79 percent win rate, albeit with a low sample size. Taliyah has a measly 0.1 percent pick rate in the mid lane and jungle.

But Taliyah is set to receive some major buffs in Patch 10.25, according to Riot gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter. On Dec. 1, he said Taliyah’s Q, Threaded Volley, which is typically maxed first, will get some damage buffs to monsters, which should make her initial clear much faster. 

But it’s unclear if these changes will push her back into the jungle meta. With picks like Kayn and Amumu running rampant, Taliyah may still be left out of contention. 

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