League players land 3 cross-map Ashe arrows at once in One For All game

Take notes, PraY.

Image via Riot Games

Landing Ashe’s ultimate across Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends is always a difficult task. Landing the ability three times in quick succession is borderline impossible. But three League players managed to lock down three separate targets at once in a recent One For All game. 

In a clip posted yesterday, three League players coordinated cross-map stuns in the One For All game mode, allowing their low-health teammate to escape from several chasing enemies. 

In the clip, three Lulu players were chasing one of the opposing team’s Ashe players in the top lane. From halfway across the map, in the mid lane, three of the Ashe player’s teammates (who were all also playing Ashe) used their Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) at the same time at all three of the enemy Lulu players. 

The arrows intersected as they flew across the top-side jungle but eventually came into contact with their targets in a precise manner just a few moments later. 

As all three of the arrows landed at the exact same time, the chase was cut short and the three-vs-one skirmish was turned around quickly. The Ashe player who was being chased down immediately swung the fight back in their favor, grabbing a kill on the closest stunned Lulu and proceeding to fight even further. 

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