League player lands long-distance Lillia Swirlseed that leads to a base-to-base kill


Image via Riot Games

It seems one League of Legends player knows how to bowl strikes.

A Lillia player landed a long-distance Swirlseed on the enemy Ezreal, posting the stellar play today.

The player lobbed Swirlseed from their mid lane Inhibitor, which rolls indefinitely until it hits a champion or terrain. This seed hit true all the way in the enemy base, striking, revealing, and slowing the enemy ADC. And the champion’s Dream Dust passive dealt a good chunk of the Ezreal’s health over three seconds.

The Lillia used this opportunity to cast Lifting Lullaby (R) to put Ezreal asleep, catching up to the bot laner with a Prance stack of movement speed. Though the ADC tried to Arcane Shift away, he was no match for the Bashful Bloom’s agility. A couple of Blooming Blows later, the ADC was put to rest for good.

Lillia was released last month alongside the summer Spirit Blossom event as the first jungler to hit the Rift since Kayn in 2017. The champion also made her professional debut in the LCS last week when Dignitas’ Dardoch played the champ against Cloud9. Even though Dardoch was able to snag first blood, Dignitas ultimately lost.

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