League player hits impressive Lillia sleep on 4 opponents from downtown to help wipe enemy team

It's nap time.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ newest champion is already putting players to sleep.

One League player landed a stellar sleep on four opponents from deep today, helping their squad handily secure a teamfight win.

Things looked grim for the ally Kindred, who had four enemies on their tail and a sliver of life remaining. With the chaos happening in the mid lane and Lillia by the Baron pit, the player slung a Swirlseed (E) at the opposing team that hit true. This helped kickstart the entire play, leading to a four-for-zero trade.

Lulu kept Kindred alive with a Wild Growth (R), allowing Wolf and Lamb to wreak havoc from the backline. Malphite also hit a beautiful three-player ultimate, knocking up the enemies right before they were put to sleep by Lillia’s Lilting Lullaby (R). With several seconds of crowd control, the four adversaries fell quickly in battle.

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Lillia hit League’s live servers yesterday and appears to already be putting players to sleep—for better or worse. The champion’s release is a part of the summer Spirit Blossom event, which includes a myriad of skins, a Spirit Bonds visual novel experience, and new merch. Fans can also expect a “slain swordsman” to release, which many believe to be Yone.