League Patch 12.12 buffing health and resistances of Tibbers and Daisy, damage of mages, and more

League's "pets" want to play on the Rift for a bit longer.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is continuing to balance-out the recent durability changes in League of Legends with the upcoming Patch 12.12, focusing on champions that are both doing too well, and those still rarely seen.

Riot Truexy, associate game designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League, released a detailed outline of the changes that players can expect to launch in Patch 12.12. Among these changes are plentiful buffs to champions that are not particularly strong nor popular in their respective roles.

Yorick is the only top lane champion to be buffed in this patch, marking the first time the Shepherd of Souls has received a direct buff outside of a multitude of fixes since Patch 11.8. These buffs are aimed directly at his minions, including the Mist Walkers and the Maiden of the Mist, both of which will be granted bonus health. The Mist Walkers will also have bonus move speed and the Maiden will no longer chase her foes too far.

In the jungle, Amumu, Ivern, and Jarvan IV are receiving a bit of love. Amumu’s Q mana cost is being decreased at all ranks, and his ultimate will do more damage. The cost of Ivern’s health and mana to take jungle camps is decreased, and he is granted a larger E shield and more health and resistance for Daisy. Jarvan IV will deal more damage to enemies at a quicker rate thanks to a new cooldown on his passive, decreasing every few levels.

Annie and Heimerdinger are just two of the many mid lane champions that have struggled to leave a mark compared to other mages after the durability changes. Therefore, Annie will be receiving a slight increase to her Q’s AP ratio and enjoy Tibbers’ company a bit longer as he gains more health and resistances, like Daisy. Heimerdinger’s turrets will also stay out a bit longer with more health and damage, while his E will have a cooldown decrease.

In the bot lane, Blitzcrank and Seraphine are expected to receive ample buffs that may make them better picks in the support role. Blitzcrank’s damage on his Q and R are both being increased slightly. Seraphine’s E will have a static cooldown of ten seconds at all ranks, while also keeping enemies slowed or stunned for a bit longer.

Players can test these buffs to many of League’s champions on the PBE. As these changes are currently in testing, it is possible they will be released on the live servers in an altered form, or not at all. Patch 12.12 is expected to release on June 22.