League of Legends players lament broken Client fix promise

It's been two years and players received no news of improvement.

Lux, Ekko, and Kayn rushing into combat.
Image via Riot Games

In 2019, League of Legends developer Riot Games promised they would update the client to enhance its performance through the Client Cleanup Project. Players claim this did little to fix it though, and the devs have remained silent ever since.

Players are now despairing to see updates released to improve the user experience, as a Reddit thread expressed on Sept. 18. “It’s safe to say that the project is pretty much dead at this point,” the author wrote.

Players massively upvoted the thread and expressed more frustration in the comments, listing recent bugs and crashes they’ve been experiencing with the client. “Client crashes when clicking masters ladder, ranks are a completely random string of numbers, promotion cutoff bar is broken, etc. And all of these bugs have been constant for months.”

The state of the League client has been criticized by players for years, but the developer brought major changes in August 2021 as part of the Client Cleanup Project.

It had updated the web browser to improve performance and said it would “focus on planning more frequent updates to improve the reliability and performance of the client” in an official blog post.

Based on what they wrote, the update was supposed to be the start of a bigger program. Following Patch 11.17, however, the developer didn’t bring significant changes to the client until now and didn’t make more mention of the Client Cleanup Project.

“People who were part of the team probably don’t even work at Riot anymore,” wrote a hopeless user in the thread’s comments.

It’s still unclear whether the developer is planning to release a significant update in the future. As the 2023 World Championship is approaching, bringing Season 13 to an end, those might come with the next pre-season.

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