20 November 2017 - 15:51

League of Legends Patch 7.23: Blue Essence rewards are being increased slightly, and leveling will be easier

The community has been flaming these new systems from day one, but will these buffs be enough?
Image via Riot Games

When the preseason update arrived two weeks ago, the community's reception of the impressive changelist was generally great—with two exceptions.

Most of the vocal playerbase seemed to love the new runes and changes to the jungle, but there was a lot of flame directed at blue essence and the new leveling system. They were upset because they believe there aren't enough Blue Essence rewards to assist with champion purchases, and that leveling is much more difficult.

In tomorrow's patch, Riot is addressing both—sort of.

Despite the astounding amount of criticism on the Blue Essence front, the only buff to the system will be that the First Win of the Day bonus will now reward 50 less experience—but it will now have 50 Blue Essence to compensate. To put that into perspective, that's 40 less BE than you earn from breaking down the cheapest tier of champion shards.

The reason for such a small increase is because Riot firmly believes that you now earn much more BE than you used to earn with IP, and that buying champions should now be easier.

To address leveling Riot is making it easier to level up beyond level 30, but again it isn't by much. In fact, you wouldn't really notice a difference at all until you'd reach north of level 100.

Riot is normalizing the amount of experience it takes to level up when you pass level 30. Before this change, it was harder to reach each level until you hit a certain milestone. Then the required amount of exp would reset for the next set of levels until the next milestone, but it would be slightly higher than the amount you needed to hit 31. This cycle would continue until level 150, resetting at each milestone but it would always be slightly higher than the last reset, gradually increasing until level 150.

Now that it's normalizing the exp requirement will now be the same each time it resets after milestones, rather than increasing all the way until level 150 little by little. Here's a graph to show the changes, with the orange line being Patch 7.23.

These changes, along with the rest of the patch, will go live on the North America server this Tuesday.

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