9 November 2017 - 22:41

The League community is freaking out about Blue Essence

Runes might be awesome, but there are tons of complaints about League's reworked currency.
Image via Riot Games

The preseason patch went live yesterday, and the League of Legends community has been abuzz with theorycrafting, opinions, experiences, and just like every year, more complaining than you can handle.

The center of these complaints is none other than Blue Essence, the reworked currency that was once only used when dealing with loot chests but has now replaced IP in its entirety.

If you're a regular visitor of League's official message boards or the Reddit community, you've probably seen these complaints already. They're hard to miss.

The largest complaints revolve around buying champions. After yesterday's changes, you don't receive BE for playing games, but instead you have a chance at earning some upon leveling up. Some players believe that buying champions under this system will be too difficult.

The other perceived issue with BE is how expensive increasing your mastery level with a champion is now. In order to upgrade to mastery level six, it now costs 3,250 BE, and it costs 3,900 to reach level seven, which is significantly higher than it used to be.

Of course, you have many more opportunities to obtain BE than you once did, so the higher cost is meant to reflect that inflation, but these members of the community are claiming that it takes so long to obtain BE in the new system that it isn't worth it.

Riot has yet to comment on this wave of complaints, but it may be too early to take them seriously. The new BE system has only been around for a day, so things may be perceived incorrectly or worse than they actually are. But if it remains this consistently difficult after a few weeks, Riot may have to rethink the BE rework project, or at least tweak it a bit.

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