League of Legends fan builds Rek’Sai out of LEGO

She's majestic.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends has a dedicated fan base in and outside of Summoner’s Rift.

Fans have gone out of their way to recreate characters from the beloved game with their imagination, including building a large model of Aurelion Sol in Minecraft and painting and sculpting other champions.

This time, a fan has created one of the game’s most iconic junglers, Rek’Sai, out of LEGO.

The picture of the finished model was posted on Reddit. And it truly does resemble the original character from League. The colors are absolutely spot on, and the model seems to include all the important details.

The fan also recorded a video of the creation, where they displayed the process of making the Void Burrower. It was made in one of LEGO’s virtual builders, and in the clip, the fan shows us how they constructed all parts of the champion. While watching, you’ll realize that they even went as far as adding gray and black LEGO to finish some of the details.

The creator also explains that it took them quite a lot of blocks—630, to be precise, to finish this Rek’Sai model in LEGO.