League fan recreates intricate Aurelion Sol in Minecraft

This gaming art is nothing short of a beauty.

Image via Riot Games

With League of Legends‘ popularity in the gaming and esports communities, more and more gamers and artists are recreating some of the MOBA’s elements in other games. And when it comes to recreating your favorite character from scratch, there’s no better place to do so than Minecraft.

One League fan, seaofted on Twitter, brought one of the game’s characters, Aurelion Sol, to Mojang’s title. He had help from a user by the name iAleM_ on Twitter, who was credited for rendering it in one of the servers.

The task seems tough to complete. In League, the Star Forger is depicted as a massive celestial dragon, so if someone wanted to bring him into Minecraft properly, they would need to make the character enormous. And it’s fair to say that seaofted did the character justice.

The reimagined Aurelion Sol is indeed huge and features every key element of the champion. His scales and tail are shining, and around him, we can spot three stars that orbit Aurelion because of his passive ability, Center of the Universe. The champion is mostly blue and purple, just like in the Riot Games’ game.

Regardless of if you like the character, you can’t deny this version looks truly stunning. With this work, seaofted and iAleM_ proved that when it comes to making something sensational and true to its original, Minecraft is one of the best places to do so.

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