League of Legends announcer packs delayed due to coronavirus

Unfortunate news.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans looking forward to announcer packs will have to wait a little longer.

Riot director of production Jonathan “Bellissimoh” Belliss commented on the fate of announcer packs in today’s dev blog post. Riot is pushing back its release due to “unexpected production constraints” from COVID-19.

“When we teased announcer packs earlier this year, we had hoped to release the first ones this fall, but we’ve decided to put them on hold for now,” Bellissimoh said. “We’re facing unexpected production constraints due to COVID-19, and avoiding health risks is a top priority—we don’t want to endanger the safety of external partners like VO actors.”

Announcer packs would allow fans to choose what voice they hear on the Rift, adding a customizable experience to League. The dev team teased the packs earlier this year, hyping the community up for the much-anticipated feature.

But due to the unforeseen difficulties brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Riot was forced to make some adjustments.

The director of production also explained that the pandemic is “impacting more than just announcer packs.” New skins and champions are being adversely affected too, but Riot has been able to “find solutions” for the upcoming content so far.

It’s unclear when the production of announcer packs will resume. Eager fans will have to wait until Riot updates the community on the matter.