League fans notice Easter Egg hidden within Arcane poster

This went unnoticed for quite some time.

Image via Riot Games

After the first season of the Arcane series came to an end, it has received overwhelmingly positive receptions from both critics and fans—but fans are still discovering more about the series, even from a poster from before its release.

One of the very first posters for the series that was revealed simply had Vi hugging Powder, with just the Powder’s eye and hair visible. This poster that has been circulating for the better part of a month has a secret, and fans have finally figured it out.

Image via Reddit

In the poster amongst Powder’s hair, you can make out letters spelling the name Jinx, the moniker that she would later adopt. This Easter egg was hidden in plain sight and wasn’t an accident.

A Riot team member confirmed this in the replies to a Reddit post, explaining that the artist behind the work, Victor Maury came up with the idea.

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This isn’t the only Arcane easter egg for fans of League. Besides the stellar story and amazing animation, eagle-eyed fans have lots to find during their watch of the season. You can stream all nine episodes of Arcane on Netflix right now.

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