League fan creates deadly good Coven Evelynn cosplay

Agony's Embrace has never felt so real.

Image via Riot Games

With the complex world Riot Games has created in League of Legends, it’s no wonder people love its  characters so much. A recent post on Reddit shows one fan’s painstakingly crafted cosplay of Evelynn’s Coven skin.

Cosplayer Paiclyacosplay spent over three months creating this look. She says ever since Riot revealed the skin, she has worked towards finishing this cosplay. The skin’s claws were 3D modeled to complete the charming but deadly appearance.

As a bonus, the photoshoot also featured another cosplayer in a Coven skin. This one was Coven Morgana by issabelcosplay. These two were looking to have the cosplays completed in time for Halloween, but the details were not quite finished. But there is still a chill in the fall air that fits the deadly vibe of these two characters.

The Coven line of skins features female champions in tones of red, black, and violet. They also sport new animations for the champion abilities. This line is themed around witches, since “coven” means a regular gathering of witches. Controversy broke out when Malphite and Warwick were added to this theme since witches are female by definition. However, due to feedback, Riot changed the names of these two skins to “Old God” instead of Coven.

League of Legends’ massive cast of over 140 characters makes it easy for anyone to find one they like, whether it be appearance, personality, or gameplay. This has led to a large and thriving cosplay community.

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