League fan celebrates wedding with massive Baron-themed cake

Kicking off a new chapter in life with a Baron buff.

Image via Riot Games

Nothing tastes better than starting a new chapter of your life with a sweet Baron buff.

In a Reddit post earlier this week, user LittleBabyChan shared their League of Legends-themed wedding cake. The traditional dessert was sculpted and painted to resemble a Baron Nashor, an epic monster that spawns on Summoner’s Rift and offers a powerful buff to those who slay it.

“Finally got to have our wedding ceremony with our loved ones after postponing it twice,” LittleBabyChan wrote. “The thing we were most hyped about was the cake and everyone said it did not disappoint. Baron tastes delicious!”

The epic cake was sculpted by cakelava, a wedding and birthday cake studio located in Las Vegas. With more than 30 years of expertise, owners Rick and Sasha Reichart gave their gamer clients a very personalized experience. The newly wed Reddit user said the cake weighed more than 100 pounds and “[tasted] delicious.”

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Wedding cakes cost on average anywhere from $100 up to more than a $1,000, according to wedding planning site WeddingWire. And although user LittleBabyChan didn’t give the exact cost of their cake, they did say it was “a lot” in response to a comment under their post inquiring about the price. 

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