Teemo player prevents enemy team from taking down Nexus with perfectly-timed blind

And who said "frame-perfect" was only a fighting game term?

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player recently saved their Nexus at the perfect moment with just a few frames making the difference between a surefire loss and a heroic base defense. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a Teemo player managed to prevent an enemy Trundle from taking down their Nexus at precisely the right time.

The Trundle player had slowed the Teemo with a Pillar of Ice (E), which made things more difficult for the Teemo in terms of getting back to the Nexus to defend it. But the Teemo player used Move Quick (W) to get back into position and begin chipping away at the tanky Trundle. 

In a race between HP totals, the Trundle player burned down the Nexus, while they themselves were pelted with attacks from Teemo. With just one auto-attack separating the Nexus from certain death, the Teemo player launched a perfectly-timed Blinding Dart (Q) to blind the Trundle and negate all of the damage from their opponent’s would-be final auto attack. 

In addition, the Blinding Dart dealt a significant amount of damage to the attacker, allowing the Teemo player to set up a kill of their own. With poison damage ticking on the Trundle player thanks to one of Teemo’s Noxious Traps (R), the Trundle died to just one auto attack, allowing the Teemo to get back on the offensive after a quick scare in their base. 

The Teemo player’s heroic effort paid off in the end, according to the in-client replay. Their team went on to win the marathon-length game several minutes later.

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