LCS unveils 2020 Summer Split All-Pro team

The team is unsurprisingly Cloud9 themed.

Photo via Riot Games

Five of the best League of Legends players in North America have been named to the 2020 LCS All-Pro team for the Summer Split, Riot Games announced today. As expected, multiple Cloud9 players made it due to their powerful first half of the split, while other familiar faces made up the rest of the team.

The first team features C9 top laner Licorice, jungler Blaber, and AD carry Zven. All three players excelled throughout the split to help their team finish in second place in the regular season. Although C9 faltered during the second half of the summer, these three did enough to garner first-place votes.

Meanwhile, TSM’s star mid laner Bjergsen is making another All-Pro appearance after his performance throughout the summer. TSM had another up and down season, but the 24-year-old veteran had a dominant showing with 60 kills.

CoreJJ, meanwhile, helped Liquid capture a first-place finish again after the team spent the Spring Split at the bottom of the regular season standings. He also had the most votes of any player in the league with 137 points. His work with rookie AD carry Tactical pushed the team to new heights.

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On the other side of the Rift, here are the players who performed well enough to gain recognition for their efforts this summer.

LCS All-Pro second team

  • Top – 100T Ssumday (83 Points)
  • Jungle – FLY Santorin (86 Points)
  • Mid – TL Jensen (93 Points)
  • Bot – TL Tactical (78 Points)
  • Support – C9 Vulcan (85 Points)

LCS All-Pro third team

  • Top – TL Impact (55 Points)
  • Jungle – GG Closer (70 Points)
  • Mid – (Tie) C9 Nisqy and FLY PowerOfEvil (36 Points)
  • Bot – GG FBI (70 Points)
  • Support – FLY IgNar (35 Points)

The Coaching Staff of the Split will be revealed on Aug. 18. The Rookie of the Year will be revealed on Aug. 28, while the MVP of the Split will be unveiled on Sept. 4.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split playoffs continue today with FlyQuest vs. Evil Geniuses at 3pm CT.

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