KT Rolster earn decisive victory over SP in race to LCK Summer Split playoffs

Aiming is back with another pentakill.

Photo via Riot Games

KT Rolster picked up a 2-0 series win over SeolHaeOne Prince today in two 30-minute games, increasing their chances of reaching the 2020 LCK Summer Split playoffs.

Legendary top laner Smeb and ADC Aiming stepped up today with two monster performances in both games. Smeb got his Player of the Game Award after his strong Wukong performance, finishing with nine kills. Aiming earned his for an absurd Caitlyn performance, finishing with a score of 19/0/4 and securing a pentakill in the process as well.

All odds were against SP, considering that they’re sitting at the bottom of the LCK Summer Split standings in tenth place. Most League of Legends fans didn’t expect much from them heading into this match. KT, on the other hand, had to win this to knock Sandbox Gaming out of playoff contention and to stay in the race for the last playoff spot with Afreeca Freecs.

The first game of the series was clean with KT denying SP from taking any neutral objectives. SP fell behind in creep score, kills, and gold overall. As a result, KT got an early Infernal Dragon Soul and destroyed SP in a 32-minute brawl.

The second game was a fiesta. After the clean performance in the first game, KT did a 180 and started misplaying against SP. They let them take one dragon in the process and had their Baron stolen as well. SP looked much better, but that wasn’t enough to stop Aiming’s Caitlyn.

Aiming secured a pentakill after a mid-game fight and then deleted all of the carries from SP in the upcoming fights, securing the clean 2-0 series win for KT.

KT have been drifting between the bottom or middle of the standings since 2018. They were knocked out of Worlds 2018 by IG in an intense five-game series and rebuilt for the 2019 Spring Split. But a ninth-place finish in the spring sent them to the promotion tournament, where they came back to LCK only to finish eighth in the summer. While their last split was a sign of hope, this split, they looked like the traditional KT where they fail to achieve any meaningful wins.

KT (7-9) are now breathing down the neck of AFS (8-7) in the standings. KT have two remaining matches against Afreeca Freecs and Damwon, while AFS have three left against SB, KT, and Gen.G. You can tune in next week to see who will take the last playoff spot and get a shot at obtaining an LCK title.

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