K/DA light sticks now available for pre-order

You wouldn't want to be the only person without a light stick at a K/DA concert, would you?

Image via Riot Games/K/DA Twitter

After an almost two-year-long break, League of Legends’ musical geniuses K/DA made a comeback in August with a new single. While some fans thought this could just be a one-off, Riot hinted that it has long-term plans for the band with a new member making her way join the crew.

Fans of the K-pop genre may know that no band will be complete without its customized light stick, however. To support its group, Riot released one for K/DA, which is available for pre-order today.

The stick lights up like a lamp in the trailer. There doesn’t seem to be any light modes by the looks of it. The light’s color is white, and considering the price point of $40, it looks a bit underwhelming at first glance. The light stick requires three AAA batteries to function, which aren’t included in the box.

The box does include a BLADES Official Membership Card, which the developer hasn’t disclosed what it would be used for. Considering the import taxes most fans will need to pay, investing in a relatively simple light stick may look pointless, but light sticks are more than your average lamps.

Most KPOP bands use customized apps that fans can use to sync their light sticks. The band’s production crew uses these light sticks to deliver stunning light shows during concerts, which increases the overall experience by a huge margin.

In a world without COVID, Riot could deliver an epic experience at Worlds with these light sticks. But the item will have to remain as a collection piece until LAN events with viewers make a comeback just like K/DA.