Jonas Mello, the Brazilian voice actor behind Braum and Xerath, dies at age 83

He passed away at his home.

Image via Riot Games

Jonas Mello, the Brazilian voice actor for League of Legends champions Braum and Xerath, died yesterday at the age of 83, according to Brazillian news portal Noticias Da Tv. Mello’s body was found in his apartment in São Paulo on Nov. 18.

In addition to lending his voice to Riot’s hit MOBA, the Brazilian actor voiced over Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and Joe Swanson from Family Guy in their Portuguese adaptations.

Mello began his acting career in 1969, appearing as Jimmy in the Brazilian telenovela A Cabana do Pai Tomás. He appeared in various shows over the years, including portraying the character Seu Chico in A Escrava Isaura. His last television work came in 2013 when he played the character Arruda in the soap opera Flor de Caribe.

After he retired from appearing in soap operas, Mello dedicated his time to voice acting.

José Carlos Guerra, the Brazilian voice actor for Ivern, also passed away two weeks ago.

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