Jojopyun helps Evil Geniuses blast away C9 to kick off 2022 LCS Summer Split

The shrapnel was flying, and the deaths were aplenty after the 25-minute mark.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via ESPAT

It might have started off slower than what LCS fans wanted, but Evil Geniuses’ first match of the 2022 Summer Split against Cloud9 ended up being one hell of a way to start the season.

The defending LCS champions came into the Summer Split after an impressive performance at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, where the team’s relatively younger roster battled against some of the best teams in the world. They were even able to pick up wins against T1, PSG Talon, and Saigon Buffalo, before getting bounced out of the tournament by the eventual champions, Royal Never Give Up.

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C9, on the other hand, were forced to undergo a significant roster overhaul after their recent lineup failed to produce much success during the spring. Their starting lineup for this weekend should have had Berserker and Zven in the bottom lane, along with Fudge, Blaber, and veteran mid laner Jensen. Due to “lost passports and COVID cases,” however, the team had to field k1ng and Destiny for this match.

Throughout the first 25 minutes of the game, there was plenty of action, but no kills to speak of. The two teams were willing to skirmish, but both sides were able to disengage without losing any players in the process. It eventually took a failed dive in the top lane from EG at the 26-minute mark for a big swing to occur.

For a moment, it looked like C9 found an advantage with a perfect counter-engage, leading to a victorious teamfight, a Baron buff, and some map control. Fudge was becoming very strong on his Fiora pick, as he could dance through EG with the Grand Duelist’s different mobility skills while slicing his way through their squishier carries.

The Geniuses’ team composition still had plenty of power to rely on in the later stages of the game, however. With Jojopyun’s Corki and Danny’s Ezreal laying down intense amounts of poke, C9 could not stay healthy enough to contest objectives around the map, and Jojopyun landed multiple rockets on key targets to prevent C9 from kicking off a teamfight with some engage.

Jojopyun and Danny ended up dealing more damage than C9’s entire roster, finishing with a combined statline of 14 kills, nine assists, and four deaths between the two players. It was too difficult for C9 to find a way into a fight without taking heavy damage from Corki and Ezreal’s ranged abilities, and they eventually rolled over, losing without much contest.

It was important for EG to build on their momentum from the Spring Split, giving them a good starting point for their road to possible back-to-back championships. C9, on the other hand, should just hope that their substitutes can help produce a couple of wins before their real starting duo is able to join later this month.

Check out both EG and C9 in action when the LCS Spring Split opening weekend continues tomorrow at 3:30pm CT.

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