Is the Jeweled Gauntlet a good Teamfight Tactics item?

One fan breaks down the math.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.19 graced the autobattler with a number of new items, one of which is the Jeweled Gauntlet. Since its rapid rise to popularity, though, one fan has questioned the item’s efficiency.

A TFT fan posted an in-depth analysis on Reddit today that examines the Jeweled Gauntlet’s damage in comparison to the Ability Power (AP) powerhouse, Rabadon’s Deathcap.

The Gauntlet gives units 20 percent critical strike chance and 20 extra AP, while also allowing the wearer’s special ability to crit. Rabadon’s, on the other hand, increases a unit’s AP by a flat 50 percent, while also giving 40 AP.

Screengrab via u/Marvelm

At first glance, the fan determined that Rabadon’s Deathcap beats out the Jeweled Gauntlet the majority of the time. With an additional 20 percent crit chance, however, the Jeweled Gauntlet’s damage draws close to its rival.

But the fan didn’t stop there.

Screengrab via u/Marvelm

To assess the Jeweled Gauntlet’s ceiling, the TFT fan calculated the item’s chance of “highrolling,” or critical striking, as often as possible.

The crafty fan discovered that the Jeweled Gauntlet has to benefit from the Assassin bonus, which gives increased crit chance and damage, to hit its maximum potential.

“Using the Gauntlet on an Assassin unit with 3xAssassin bonus it beats the Deathcap heavily (57,48% and 59,31% of times for 3 and 5 hits respectively),” the player said.

To get the best output from this item, a player must place it on an Assassin that’s benefiting from the six-unit bonus, along with an Infinity Edge. The optimal unit to place the item on is Katarina, due to the area of effect (AoE) damage on her ultimate that can hit and crit multiple champions.

The fan concludes that the Jeweled Gauntlet is a situational item that isn’t as effective as Rabadon’s in most cases. So the next time TFT players have a Sparring Glove on their sideline, they may want to consider building other items with it instead.