Is Raum the name of Swain’s demon in League of Legends?

Fiddlesticks' new voice lines have revealed a bit more about the Noxian general.

Image via Riot Games

Swain is understandably one of the more elusive champions in League of Legends lore. The visionary leader of the Noxian nation values strength over everything and the rest of his people follow those same ideals—whether it’s due to military might or otherwise.

But not many people know about the demon that saved Swain’s life and helped him rise back up to power in Noxus. And yet Runeterra’s resident primordial demon, Fiddlesticks, seems to know plenty about it, including its name.

In Fiddlesticks’ new voice lines, he vocalizes every other champion’s worst fears. The only champions he mentions by name are the demons of Summoner’s Rift—Evelynn, Tahm Kench, and Nocturne. But when he faces off against Swain, he calls him Raum.

As a result, many people have concluded that Raum is the name of the demon that Swain now wields into battle against the enemies of Noxus. Fans know that Raum is the Demon of Secrets, but we also got an official title for the other demons as well. Evelynn is the Demon of Agony, Nocturne is the Demon of Nightmares, and Tahm Kench is the Demon of Addiction, according to Fiddlesticks.

More lore surrounding the various demons of Runeterra may surface with the appearance of Fiddlesticks. Based on his backstory, it seems like he was one of the first demons to come into existence.

Maybe his eternal thirst to cause fear could put him at odds with Swain in the future? Or maybe we might see more of the 10 other primordial demons that Fiddlesticks mentioned in his voice lines? There are plenty of places that Riot could go with these new developments.