Huni not listed on Dignitas roster in League Global Contract Database

Huni's time with DIG has seemingly come to an end.

Photo via Riot Games

Over three weeks after Dignitas announced it let Huni “explore other opportunities” ahead the Summer Split, the top laner’s name is no longer listed on Dignitas’ roster on Riot Games’ Global Contract Database.

Huni, as well as jungler Grig, whose name disappeared from the database earlier in the week, are missing from the team’s roster. Unlike Grig, though, Huni reportedly received one of the biggest contracts in the league before the 2020 Spring Split.

Dignitas reportedly inked Huni to a two-year, $2.3 million deal in November 2019. While reports have stated the contract is guaranteed, Dignitas CEO Michael Prindiville said April 4 the deal is not guaranteed.

Nonetheless, Huni’s time on Dignitas appears to have been short-lived. In his one split with the team, he finished second-to-last in KDA and kill share among LCS top laners, according to Leaguepedia. Additionaly, DIG missed the playoffs after losing to Golden Guardians in a sixth-place tiebreaker match.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split will begin June 13.