How to gain favor for champions simultaneously in League of Legends’ Spirit Bonds

This is the fastest way to earn rewards during the Spirit Blossom event.

Image via Riot Games

As a part of League of Legends’ upcoming Spirit Blossom event, the game’s client will undergo several changes. One of these changes is Spirit Bonds, a new interactive experience that all players can participate in.

In the client, there is a map with portraits of Spirit Blossom champions, which players will attempt to gain favor to receive rewards, such as blue essence, exclusive icons, and tokens. Due to the number of champions available in this experience, it can seem like a daunting task to complete all of the challenges.

Image via Riot Games

While you are going to need to complete many challenges in to gain favor, there is a way to increase the speed in which you claim rewards by activating all the portraits at once, according to multiple Reddit users.

Once players have interacted with a champion and completed the introduction, they will be able to begin earning favor for that champion. There is no limit on how many champions you are able to interact with at once, however, which allows players to interact with all the portraits and completing each champion’s introduction before setting out to earn favor for all the champions simultaneously.

There are a series of requirements to gain favor, as well as multiple different methods to do so, but most importantly, you are going to need to play with a Spirit Blossom skin equipped.