High Noon skins hit the Rift in League Patch 9.20

The skins arrive on the live servers on Oct. 10.

Image via Riot Games

Avarosa’s going south for the winter. Three new High Noon skins for Ashe, Darius, and Hecarim are arriving on the live servers later this week with the release of League of Legends Patch 9.20.

High Noon Ashe rides onto the Rift atop her shadowy steed. As a legendary skin, High Noon Ashe will be priced at 1,820 RP and will come with a new voice over, set of animations, and sound effects. The other two western-themed looks for Darius and Hecarim will cost 1,350 RP each and will feature the champions in new models and particle effects with a corresponding recall.

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Each of the three new High Noon skins will release with a set of chromas. In addition to their base skins, High Noon Ashe and Hecarim will receive five chromas each, while Darius’ new skin will drop with six additional chromas and one exclusive to the Partner Program. Fans will be able to purchase the chromas from the store when the skins arrive on the live servers for 290 RP each.

Patch 9.20 hits the live servers tomorrow morning, but the new batch of skins won’t become available for purchase until Oct. 10.

High Noon Ashe

Image via Riot Games

High Noon Darius

Image via Riot Games

High Noon Hecarim

Image via Riot Games