Hecarim has a 54-percent win rate—the highest in the jungle—following buffs in League’s Patch 10.16

Run while you still can.

Image via Riot Games

Everyone’s favorite phantom half-man, half-horse has galloped to the top of the League of Legends leaderboards in Patch 10.16 and earned the No. 1 spot in the jungle position with a 54.05-percent win rate.

Hecarim has seen a full 2.72-percent increase, according to stats site LoLalytics, following buffs to his Devastating Charge (E) ability last week. Riot increased his bonus movement speed from 25 to 75 percent to 25 to 100 percent.

Aside from a nice boost in speed, improving Hecarim’s potential for ganks and engage, the extra movement speed procs his passive ability for an explosive increase in damage. But that wasn’t the full extent of his buffs.

In League’s Patch 10.12 and again in 10.14, Riot buffed Predator and Ghost—Hecarim’s bread and butter keystone and summoner spell.

Predator and Ghost both saw substantial changes over the last few months. Riot buffed Predator’s damage and cooldown, as well as Ghost’s bonus movement speed from levels one to 18.

Together with the recent buffs to Devastating Charge, Hecarim has veered wildly out of control.

He’s yet to make an impact in pro play and has barely been picked in the 2020 Summer Split. But with the LEC playoffs kicking off on Thursday, Aug. 13, he could soon be a highly-contested champion.

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