Boston Celtics’ Gordon Hayward jokes about how League players are “100,000 percent” more toxic than NBA players

“Small forward difference.”

Photo via Xfinity

It appears League of Legends and basketball fans finally got the answer to the age-old question: Who’s more toxic, League or NBA players?

Boston Celtics small forward Gordon Hayward explained that League players are “100,000 percent” more toxic than NBA players during his Twitch broadcast last night. The basketball star also painted a hilarious picture of what the NBA would look like with the same level of BM that Riot’s MOBA is known for.

“I can’t imagine being on a team in the NBA where they were as toxic as they are in League of Legends,” Hayward said. “If you missed a three-pointer or something, like everyone else on the team starts flaming you, like ‘best three-point shooter NA.’”

League players also have a tendency to compare teammates to their lane opponent on the opposite team, saying things like “jungle diff” or “ADC diff.” Hayward and his duo joked that NBA players would say “small forward difference” or “center difference” to be toxic to their teammates.

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On the Rift, Hayward is trying to hit Platinum again and now sits at Gold 4. The small forward has been putting a lot of time into top laners Garen and Tryndamere, trying to spin to win. Off the Rift, Hayward played seven seasons with the Utah Jazz and is in his third season with the Celtics. But with the NBA season suspended due to the coronavirus, Hayward will likely have more time to grind League’s ranked ladder.

Fans eager to catch the NBA star in action can tune into his Twitch channel.