Gen.G reverse sweep Sandbox Gaming in week 9 of LCK Summer Split

Bdd is leading the POG leaderboard.

Photo via Riot Games

Gen.G took down Sandbox Gaming 2-1 today in an intense three-game series in the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

Gen.G top laner Rascal and mid laner Bdd picked up the Player of the Game awards after their outstanding performances on Renekton and Azir, respectively.

It looked like the first game was going well for Gen.G. Both League of Legends teams were even in gold and the plays on one side of the map were copied on the other side by the other team.

But as the game went on, SB secured two huge teamfight wins. The first one equalized the gold, while the second fight ended the game. SB’s mid laner Fate won the second fight by baiting out the opponents as Zoe with an aggressive portal.

The second game was going much better for Gen.G from the get-go, though. They were ahead in CS, pressure, and lane advantages. They grew their gold lead up to more than 6,000 in the mid game. But a crucial mistake near the dragon pit gave SB the chance to come back into the game.

SB couldn’t maintain their position in the game, however, even denying Gen.G the Mountain Dragon Soul and taking away the Baron. Bdd’s Azir proved to be too strong for SB to handle and Gen.G closed out the game in 31 minutes.

Screengrab via LCK

The third game’s draft was similar to the second one for Gen.G. They picked Azir and Renekton once again, which came back to bite SB later on. Both Rascal and Bdd performed well on these two picks, securing early leads in the top and middle lanes.

As Renekton grew stronger, so did Gen.G’s chances of reverse sweeping SB. Renekton started to dominate his opponent after securing Blade of the Ruined King, getting multiple solo kills to annihilate Gangplank. With a fed Renekton splitpushing, Gen.G could funnel other resources into securing the dragons and Baron.

After picking up the Cloud Dragon Soul, it was light’s out for SB. Gen.G’s composition synced well with the buff that this soul gave them. They simply rolled over SB in next teamfights to secure the reverse sweep.

Gen.G (12-4) are now tied for third place in the LCK Summer Split standings. Their next match is against Hanwha Life Esports on Sunday, Aug. 16 at 3am CT.

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