G2’s Wunder changes username to ‘NoWowFreeWin,’ climbs to Masters in League solo queue

Wunder means business.

Photo via Riot Games

G2’s Wunder evidently took last weekend’s 3-1 defeat to MAD Lions badly. So badly, that he uninstalled World of Warcraft—a game he’s notorious for sinking hours into in his spare time—changed his League of Legends username to NoWoWFreeWin, and climbed to Masters in solo queue.

The player had an uncharacteristically poor performance in the upper bracket of the 2021 LEC Spring playoffs on Saturday, April 3, failing to adapt to Turkish top laner İrfan “Armut” Berk Tükek in the best-of-five series. But with one last chance to make it to the finals from the lower bracket next weekend, Wunder can still redeem himself. 

Since losing to MAD Lions, Wunder has dedicated his time to improving his mechanics, playing 26 games of solo queue over the course of the last three days. Out of those 26 games, he’s won 17 times on champions like Akali, Jayce, Gnar, and even Wukong, Irelia, and Karma. 

Prior to changing his username, Wunder scarcely played solo queue this season. In total, he’s played 94 games on his main account, far fewer than many pro players. Teammate Caps, in comparison, has played 495 games, while Rekkles has played 489 games.

Wunder will look to bounce back when G2 face-off against Rogue in the LEC lower bracket semifinals on Saturday, April 10. The winner will meet MAD Lions in the grand finals on Sunday. 

G2 have yet to lose to Rogue since the organization joined the European league in 2019. And that’s not about to change this weekend if Wunder has anything to do with it.