G2 Jankos on Rekkles signing: “If he wants to win, then G2 is the best team in Europe to win in”

The jungler had good things to say about his new teammate.

Photo via Riot Games

One of the biggest League of Legends offseason moves was finally confirmed today when G2 Esports welcomed Rekkles to the team. And jungler Jankos weighed in on the new signing.

The Polish pro watched G2’s announcement video during his Twitch broadcast today, discussing Rekkles’ potential motives for leaving Fnatic after a long tenure in black and orange.

“I do believe if he wanted to get paid more though, he could go to NA, he could maybe even stay in Fnatic, he could maybe go to a different European team,” Jankos said. “But he wants to win, and if he wants to win then G2 is the best team in Europe to win in.”

Jankos sang Rekkles’ praises, saying he’s “very talented, very strong, [a] very good player,” and he’s a veteran that wouldn’t need any teaching. While the jungler said Perkz, who recently left G2 after five years, was a “really big factor in the team,” he believes Rekkles can be as well.

Perkz is reportedly leaving EU for the NA scene and will sign with Cloud9, according to reporter Jacob Wolf. G2 was reportedly shopping the Croatian mid laner to multiple teams, but C9 was the highest bidder for Perkz’s contract.

Rekkles will reunite with former teammate Caps, who played on Fnatic in 2017 and 2018. The Swedish AD carry won nine titles with his former team, but G2 was Fnatic’s kryptonite in recent years.

Aside from Perkz’s departure, G2’s lineup remains unchanged going into the 2021 LEC Spring Split.

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