G2 CEO Ocelote explains why he didn’t sell Perkz to Fnatic

"I can't just let my biggest competitor just have the better of me."

Photo via Riot Games

In a recent appearance on The Crackdown podcast, G2 Esports CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez discussed the thought process behind his decision to not let superstar mid laner Perkz go to LEC rival Fnatic during the League of Legends offseason.

“Imagine Perkz would have ended in Fnatic, what happens right after is the whole Fnatic team renews,” Ocelote said. “Do I want that? No, because I want to have all my options open. Does that make me a bad person? Go fuck yourself if that’s what you think, so you’re incredibly fucking naive if you think that you can build a world-class, number one team that fights for trophies by letting everybody… It’s just not gonna fucking happen.”

He also explained why allowing Perkz to go to G2’s rival wouldn’t have been a smart business decision for the organization.

“I can’t pay my people with Red Bulls unfortunately, I have to pay them with money,” Ocelote said. “And to build money, I have to build a business. And to build a business, I need to give my sponsors/investors security that my organization is the number one. That not only I can win, but I can market products and… And for all of that to be there, I can’t just let my biggest competitor just have the better of me.”

Perkz was reportedly shopped to multiple teams during the offseason, but Fnatic wasn’t one of them. While Perkz going to Fnatic would have most likely elevated the LEC to another level as a region, it would have been a direct threat to G2’s goal of continuing to win championships.

G2 is known for beating Fnatic when the matches matter most. But G2 could’ve found themselves in a tough spot if Perkz went to Fnatic and helped them finally take down his former team.

Perkz was officially acquired by Cloud9 on Nov. 20.

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