French League streamer shows off the power of Kalista with a disgusting one-shot

"The dead feel not the cold."

Image via Riot Games

Kalista hasn’t been played a lot over the past few seasons since she fell out of the League of Legends meta. Recently, however, she’s found a new home up in the top lane among some pros. French streamer and caster Rim-Raimon “Nono” Amanieu showed off her raw power by one-shotting a Tryndamere from full health yesterday.

In the clip, Nono is at the enemy Gromp, stacking spears onto the monster, when the opposing team’s Tryndamere decided to walk up to farm the wave in lane. As Kalista continued to stack spears, Nono realized that he could do a ton of damage if he was able to time his abilities just right.

As Tryndamere started to walk away, Nono attacked the Gromp with Kalista’s Pierce ability while simultaneously aiming it at his enemy. If Pierce kills its target, the spear continues onward and transfers all of the dead victim’s Rend stacks to the next enemy it hits. In this case, Nono was able to transfer all the Rend stacks onto the Tryndamere.

With a quick activation of Rend, he one-shot the champion from practically full health. It was a disgusting kill, but it makes sense because Nono convincingly won his lane and had a hefty item lead over his lane counterpart.

Nono isn’t the only person to bring Kalista into the top lane, though. In one of his most recent LPL games, superstar top laner TheShy brought out Kalista top and led his team to a victory over Vici Gaming.

The trick is to build Sanguine Blade as a first item to take advantage of its increased stats against solo enemy champions. It gives Kalista enough sustain and damage to dominate certain matchups, while also staying even in less-favorable ones.

Maybe we’ll get to see Kalista in the top lane for some of the more creative teams in the world, like a certain team from Europe that recently threw Janna in the top lane.