FPX take down Suning with debut of Bo in 2021 LPL Spring Split

The 2020 Worlds finalists have fallen to the bottom of the standings.

Screengrab via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix took down the 2020 League of Legends Worlds finalists Suning in a clean 2-0 sweep today during the third week of 2021 LPL Spring Split.

The series featured calculated plays from both teams, but FPX’s mid-game control was much better and the team’s new jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo managed to play toe-to-toe with SofM. The MVP votes went to Lwx for his first-game performance on Miss Fortune and Nuguri for his Gnar in the second-game.

The first game of the series featured passive non-LPL skirmish playstyle from both teams, who focused on farming up safely and avoiding early-game fights, which could help them snowball. But after a fight for the Dragon Soul, FPX aced Suning and won the first game of the series.

In the second game, Suning forced early fights and built a huge lead. FPX’s composition didn’t favor teamfights, so they kept split pushing with Nuguri’s Gnar and Doinb’s Kled until they got back into the game. Once FPX equalized the gold lead, they started grouping for teamfights, using Nuguri’s Gnar to control the teamfight pace. After winning three teamfights in a row, FPX finished the series in convincing fashion, proving that they can come back from a deficit with no issues.

FPX (3-1) climbed to fourth place in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings with this win. Their opponents next week are eStar Gaming and Invictus Gaming. Tune in on Wednesday, Jan. 27 and Saturday, Jan. 30 to see these matches.

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