Former DAMWON Gaming coach Micro joins Sandbox as head coach

He's got some big shoes to fill.

Photo via Riot Games

Sandbox Gaming has signed Kim “Micro” Mok-kyoung as the League of Legends team’s head coach for the upcoming year, the organization announced today. This news follows YamatoCannon’s departure from the team three weeks ago.

Micro is joining Sandbox after being the coach of Awesome, an LCK Academy team, for the past eight months. “Please support us in our quest to become a more confident and aggressive team,” Sandbox said.

Micro was the coach of DAMWON Gaming from May 2017 to February 2020. The team had mediocre performances for a couple of years in the Challenger series, but after making some roster changes, they were seen as one of the better squads toward the end of 2018. This allowed them to earn a spot in a qualification match for the 2019 LCK Spring Split, which they easily won with a convincing 3-1 score against Team Battlecomics.

DWG had a great first year in the LCK, coming in fifth place in their debut Spring Split and second in the Summer Split. They accumulated enough points to participate in the regional finals for a World Championship spot. The team destroyed the opposition, qualifying for Worlds 2019 in their debut LCK year.

They got out of group play easily but were knocked out in the first round of the knockout stage by G2 Esports. After that Worlds run, Micro left the team and DWG replaced him with Lee “Zefa” Jae-min, a former coach of T1.

DWG most recently won Worlds 2020 on Oct. 31.

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