Flash Wolves won’t have a League of Legends team next year

The LMS giants fade away.

Image via Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves, one of the most internationally-recognized League of Legends organizations and giants of the LMS, won’t be competing in the League scene in 2020, the organization announced today.

The LMS and LST are merging into one big regional league next year, bringing together teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and the Southeast Asian regions to compete for a chance to qualify for international events like Worlds. With a merger like this, some teams were always going to fail to get into the new league, the PCS, since only 10 spots are available.

Despite this, most League fans didn’t expect that a big team like Flash Wolves wouldn’t be a part of the new league considering the team’s history and dominance in the LMS over the years.

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With the team not competing in the scene moving forward, Flash Wolves announced that it plans to help its players find a “new stage for their career.”

None of the teams that will be in the PCS in 2020 have been revealed yet, but many fans will be curious to see which squads from the multitude of regions make up the 10 slots.