First season of League of Legends’ Clash kicks off “early this year”

Assemble your squad, it's almost here.

Screengrab via Riot Games

League of Legends’ 2020 season kicked off today. And players finally got some information on one of the most fan-requested features—Clash.

League lead producer of gameplay Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee gave fans some insight into the direction of gameplay and ranked for 2020. Today’s Dev Video touches upon the tournament-style game mode slated to launch “early this year.”

“While we ran into some minor issues with the global beta, we’re confident we can fix them quickly and have Clash ready to launch,” Brightmoon said. “So it’s official. Get your crew together for the start of the first season of Clash, which kicks off early this year.”

It’s unclear exactly when Clash kicks off, but Brightmoon’s comments suggest that it isn’t too far off. Previous betas only hosted the tournament on weekends. If Clash’s official launch follows suit, the competition may take place once a week or month instead of a daily endeavor.

December’s global beta was wildly-popular. The tournament-style competition allowed squads to get a glimpse of the professional scene. Teams earned rewards based on how far they made it in the tournament, while a consolation ladder insured losing teams got a second shot.

League fans eager to hit the Rift with their squad should use this time to nail down synergy and iron out the perfect team comp.