First gameplay of Yuumi revealed on stream

Watch Yuumi pounce on the competition.

Yuumi Gameplay
Image via Riot Games

Most League of Legends fans are probably anxiously waiting for the release of Riot Games’ newest champion, Yuumi. But now, we have our first look into how Yuumi will be played in lane and in teamfights thanks to a Chinese stream.

The two players in the video took Yuumi and Twitch into the bot lane to face off against a Vayne and Soraka. It was an interesting matchup to watch. Yuumi provided plenty of healing and shielding for Twitch, while also poking with her unique Q ability, Prowling Projectile.

Her Q looks like a very fun ability to use, but seems to be a huge pain for whoever is on the receiving end. While attached to an ally, Yuumi’s Q turns into a guided projectile that players have a hard time dodging. It also costs 60 mana, which is a good tradeoff for the early damage and potential slowing effect.

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The biggest thing that people noticed in the gameplay, though, was her incredible mobility during teamfights. Yuumi’s W allows her to jump from teammate to teammate, while also shielding and healing with her passive and E ability, Zoomies. Her job is to keep jumping between her allies and provide them with a ton of utility. Then, she can jump to her team’s frontline tank and use her ultimate ability to lock down the enemy players.

The only problem that Yuumi could have is getting caught out while attached to an ally. If the teammate she’s attached to gets hit with crowd control and dies, Yuumi is a sitting duck and is one of the more squishier champions in the game. Regardless, her kit looks really fun and should bring a fresh, new take for compositions in competitive League once she hits the live servers.