30 November 2017 - 17:16

Even Faker thinks that Zoe is pretty unbalanced at the moment

Will we see the first competitive Zoe play sometime soon?
Image via Riot Games

Zoe was released into League of Legends a week ago, kicking off the preseason in style—and even Faker thinks she needs balancing.

She is the first champion to use the sleep mechanic in-game. When an opponent is hit by her E skillshot, they will fall into a daze a few seconds later, leaving them open to attacks. Once a player is dazed they only have a few seconds to try and find a safe place to avoid taking damage.

Most of Zoe's playstyles revolve around putting a player to sleep and then hitting them with her rebounded Q skillshot ability to deal massive damage, or by poking from afar. She has become a nightmare to play against, due to her E ability, which leaves a champion wide open for attack.

Zoe currently has a 48 percent win rate for platinum players and higher when in midl ane. Interestingly, she also has a 42 percent win rate when used as a support, according to stats site Champion.gg.

Even SK Telecom T1's star mid laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok seems to think that Zoe is strong at the moment.

"To prepare for possible Zoe matchups in the future, I played her frequently to have a better understanding of the champion," Faker told INVEN Global. "It might be because we're still in the preseason, but she seems pretty unbalanced right now."

Zoe could make her competitive debut in the new year, when the Spring Split begins for all major regions. We could even get a glimpse of her at the end of year All-Stars event from Dec. 7, according to Daily Mail.

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