20 November 2017 - 15:51

League of Legends Patch 7.23: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, arrives with this week's patch

After two weeks on the PBE, Zoe looks like an extremely confusing, but very powerful mid laner.
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Patch 7.23 arrives this week, and it brings with it the debut of one of League of Legends' zaniest, perkiest, and, quite frankly, loopiest champions to date—Zoe, the aspect of twilight.

Zoe's abilities are extremely complex, and they really make the player feel like they're manipulating the space-time continuum to be one hell of a nuisance to the enemy team. These abilities are exciting, sure—but the really noteworthy part of her release is her personality and character design.

The past 12 months or so have had more bright and bubbly champions than we've seen in a long time—Ivern, Rakan, and now Zoe. It's refreshing to see Riot amping up its efforts to break the dark, edgy, and at least slightly emo champion pallet we're used to with the likes of Kayn, Ornn, Camille, Jhin, and Aurelion Sol. And then there's Kled, who's his own brand of weird.

Zoe's abilities feel just as nutty as her character, which only reinforces her identity as a champion. Her kit is complete with warping, inducing comas, halting time, sparkles, and butterflies.

Her release skin, Cyber Pop Zoe, is just as colorful, but with a twist of angsty preteen. It's complete with lots of skulls, the color black, and roller blades. The skin will cost 1,350 RP.

Zoe's exact release date is unknown. But, thanks to the official patch notes, we know it will be sometime during Patch 7.23, which arrives on the North America server early Tuesday morning.

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