Faker leads T1 to a quick win over Fredit BRION in 2021 LCK Summer Split

The legendary mid laner was the MVP in today's 2-0 series.

Photo via Riot Games

T1 picked up a quick 2-0 series win over Fredit BRION with Faker leading the charge with Azir and Twisted Fate.

The star mid laner secured both MVP votes after two stellar performances. In the first game, he became an unstoppable wall for BRO, who could not engage onto T1 due to Azir’s ultimate knocking them back every time. With Twisted Fate, he was able to dominate the map in the second match, finishing the series with a combined KDA of 3/1/14.

The first game draft phase opened up with three flex picks from BRO, who juggled between the picks, before locking Rumble top, Diana jungle, and Nocturne mid in the end. While they had a decent early game and were able to use Nocturne’s ultimate to secure a couple of early game kills, it wasn’t enough to stop T1’s scaling comp with Senna, Lucian, and Azir as the carries.

Even though T1 gave away three dragons to their opponents, they were able to group up for the next ones and avoided giving the Dragon Soul to their opponents. The game ended at the Baron pit, where BRO tried to put a stop to T1 with a good engage. But due to their opponent’s superior mechanics, they fell in the first match of the series.

In the second match, BRO banned out T1’s crucial picks like Volibear and Tahm Kench from the first game, which denied all their engage attempts. T1 went for an offensive draft, focused on snowballing early on with Jayce, Nidalee, and Twisted Fate. They were able to execute it really well with Faker moving around the map constantly to help his teammates. Even though BRO had a small gold lead early on, it quickly evaporated once the match got to mid-game and T1 began wining teamfight after teamfight. After a deadly 28-min skirmish, T1 closed out the game.

T1’s (2-1) next match is against Liiv SANDBOX (0-2) on Saturday, June 19 at 3am CT. T1 is highly favored in this series and if they win, they should be able to close out the second week of the 2021 LCK Summer Split as a top-three team in the standings.

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