Evil Geniuses introduces its entire coaching staff for 2021

EG officially presented its new and renewed staff with Peter Dun as the key piece.

Screengrab via Evil Geniuses

There isn’t much time left before the LCS returns. We already know every single roster, but some teams still have a few things to announce.

Evil Geniuses, for example, revealed its full League of Legends coaching staff for the 2021 season yesterday.

Peter Dun, the former head coach of MAD Lions and Splyce, will be EG’s head coach, the organization confirmed last month. Artemis, who joined EG last year, is moving from an assistant coaching role to become the org’s strategic coach. The new faces, though, are Turtle and Mash, who will join Artemis and Dun to complete EG’s LCS coaching staff. 

Turtle joins EG from the CBLoL, where he was the head coach of CNB esports and Vivo Keyd. Dun began his career in the Brazilian league in 2015, and since then, he’s continued to show an interest in the CBLoL.

Mash, on the other hand, will be the last piece of EG’s LCS coaching staff for 2021. Mash has been a part of the competitive League scene since 2011, so he’ll bring some seniority to the coaching staff. The 26-year-old was most recently on FlyQuest as an AD carry and a substitute.

Finally, Matt Elento will be the head coach of EG’s Academy team. The 23-year-old was formerly a support player for Team Liquid and Golden Guardians. Ido will be the head coach of the EG Prodigies program, an “elite development program focused on North American League of Legends talent.”

The LCS is set to return on Jan. 15 for its new Lock In tournament. EG’s starting lineup to open the 2021 season will feature top laner Impact, jungler Svenskeren, mid laner Jiizuke, ADC Deftly, and support IgNar.

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