Everything to know about League's Prestige Shop

With Riot preparing new skins for the Prestige Point shop, here’s everything you need to know about how it works and what can be bought.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends has an abundance of features available to players. While essentially free to play, the game utilizes a purchasable currency that can be spent on different cosmetics, boosts, and battle passes.

But there are cosmetics and other items purchasable with a second currency earned just from playing League. The Prestige store is one of these examples, since the store doesn’t sell items purchasable with Riot Points but rather ones crafted with Prestige Points (that, of course, you can get more of if you pay). The store only sells skins at the moment, but Riot Games is planning on adding new assets with the end of the year.

Here’s everything you need to know about the League of Legends Prestige Point shop.

What is League’s Prestige Shop?

The Prestige Point shop is found in the League client as a part of the Hextech Crafting tab. Players collect Prestige Points through different events or bundles; points get added in their collection and clicking on them there opens up a shop.

The Prestige shop offers Prestige skins as craftable items. Some of the skins players can purchase Prestige versions of include K/DA Ahri, Fuzz Fizz, Star Guardian Neeko, and more. The price of a Prestige skin is 100 points. Going towards the end of the year, Riot is planning to add more than just skins to the shop for players to be able to spend their leftover points. The 2019 Prestige Point shop is going away at the end of the year, and points earned this year will expire.

Not all Prestige skins are attainable through the prestige shop. Event prestige skins are purchasable with event tokens. Riot is making an exception for the 2020 Worlds event skins at the end of the next year, since these skins will be available for 100 Prestige Points for a limited period.

Screengrab via Riot Games

How to obtain Prestige Points?

There are two ways players can obtain Prestige Points: bundles and missions. Prestige Points are included as possible loot in masterwork chest bundles that can be purchased for Riot Points.

Otherwise, players had a chance to earn the points during events throughout the year. Points were rewarded for completing milestone missions of different events, including Trials, Arcade, PROJECT, and Worlds 2019 missions. Points were also a part of a Trials 2019 missions bundle and as a reward for the 10th Anniversary Event. More missions were available to players that owned event passes.

What can Prestige Points be spent on?

At the moment, only Prestige skins are available in the crafting shop. But with the year coming to an end, Riot is rolling out assets that will cost less than 100 points, so players would get a chance to spend most of what they’ve earned before the points expire.

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Screengrab via League of Legends Wiki

The upgrade to the shop will be live from Dec. 12 and will include assets like orange essence, Hextech keys, emotes, icons, ward skins, jackpot bags, and more. With the first patch of 2020, players will get a new shop, together with new opportunities to earn the points as we go further into the new year.