EDward Gaming enter tie for first in 2021 LPL Spring Split standings after taking down LGD Gaming

Viper's Xayah was at the center of this dominance in both games.

Photo via Riot Games

EDward Gaming are now tied for first place in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings after beating LGD Gaming 2-0 earlier today.

Viper, who made a huge name for himself during his time on Griffin, carried the series on Xayah in both games, earning two MVP votes after finishing with a combined KDA of 14/4/14. He had a lackluster 2020 season during his time on Hanwha Life Esports but seems to have returned to his previous Griffin form with his current squad.

This League of Legends series began with a one-sided stomp by the EDG squad. They simply exerted too much pressure for LGD to handle. After securing all of the neutral objectives except one drake, EDG grew a huge gold lead and used it to finish the first game in dominant fashion after a 27-minute teamfight.

Going into the second game, LGD prioritized picking the same champions. And while they managed to acquire leads early on, they couldn’t hold onto them once EDG outscaled them. After Viper displayed some great mechanics during a mid-game teamfight, EDG turned things in their favor and used that advantage to close out the second game and the series.

EDG are tied for first with Team WE in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. Both teams look much better compared to the previous year, showing a great display of macro and individual talent.

EDG’s next match will put them to the test against the 2020 LPL Summer Split champions, JD Gaming. You can tune in on Friday, Jan. 22 at 5am CT to see the clash between these two teams.

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