EDG close out 2021 LPL Spring Split regular season with dominant win over Rare Atom

The organization's offseason acquisitions worked out great throughout this split.

Photo via Riot Games

EDward Gaming finished their 2021 LPL Spring Split regular season run with a powerful 2-0 series against Rare Atom.

The League of Legends series was one-sided with EDG outplaying their opponents on all fronts, from drafts to individual player performances. The MVP votes were picked up by jungler Jiejie and bottom laner Viper for their stellar performances on Lillia and Xayah. Both players have consistently served as the catalysts of EDG’s strong display of skill throughout the split.

RA were the dark horses in the LPL, picking up stable wins throughout the split. While they didn’t have standout performances like many other teams in the top of the standings, they did show a decent gameplay, which allowed them to qualify for playoffs. They stood no chance today against EDG, however, who were on a rampage with their top-notch gameplay.

Following this final regular season match, EDG (13-3) concluded their regular season in second place in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. They had one of the most dominant performances of their organization in recent times. Viper has shown he can play on a high level with diverse ADC picks, making him one of the most flexible players in the league.

EDG will return to the Rift during playoffs on April 8 with a match against the winners of the third round in the King of the Hill bracket.

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