DragonX finish 2020 LCK Spring Split in third place after losing one game to APK

APK succeeded with the T1 emote spam, even though they lost.

Photo via Riot Games

DragonX won their battle today against the rookie squad of APK Prince, but they lost the war in the LCK standings after a 2-1 series win.

If DragonX swept APK, they could have had the extra point needed to secure second place in the LCK standings and start in round two of the playoffs. Losing their second game to APK, however, puts them in the first round of the playoffs where they’ll have to face the winner of Damwon Gaming vs. KT Rolster, two extremely strong teams who put up a good fight over the last couple of weeks.

Before the series started, the official T1 League of Legends Twitter account tweeted an otter praying for APK to win. They knew that APK needed to pull off only one game win to help T1 secure second place instead of DRX.

DragonX looked great after a convincing win in the first game of the series. Ryu “Keria” Min-Seok received the MVP award for his marvelous Alistar play.

In the second game, APK’s bottom lane stepped up and secured early leads that helped them roam around the map and assist their solo laners. APK’s ADC HyBriD managed to score a pentakill on Aphelios, which gave him the MVP vote from the LCK broadcast and the T1 organization.

After this loss, DragonX came back much stronger in the third game and finished it fast—but it didn’t matter anymore. Their loss in the second match allowed T1 to cement themselves in second place, which gives them an easier path to another LCK title.

The DragonX organization, formerly known as Kingzone DragonX, went through significant changes in the offseason. Deft is the only remaining player from the previous squad. Their top and mid laner are from the ex-Griffin roster, while their jungler and support are DragonX trainees who were promoted to the main roster after great performances during their trial period.

Their new roster looks much stronger, which is evident from their place in the standings. After sitting at the bottom of the barrel during the 2019 Summer Split in seventh place, DragonX finishes the 2020 LCK Spring Split in third place.

Keria is on par with former world champion supports. His mage support plays are out of this world. He’ll be the player to watch during DRX’s playoff run.

The playoff race will begin this Saturday, April 18 with the wildcard, best-of-three match with between KT Rolster and Damwon at 3am CT. The winner will face DragonX on Monday, April 20 at 3am CT.