Doublelift pulls off slick Ezreal teleport play in solo queue

"I don't think I've ever done that before."

Photo via Riot Games

Over the past few years, League of Legends fans have grown used to seeing great plays from Team Liquid’s superstar ADC, Doublelift. But even the 26-year-old veteran was surprised by how good this teleport play was last night on stream.

Twelve minutes into the match, Doublelift was caught out by a Nautilus hook and was killed in lane by the opposing team’s Kai’Sa. As he respawned, however, he realized that he probably needed to teleport to save his wave, while also possibly catching out the enemy ADC without her ultimate.

Right as he respawned, he launched his Trueshot Barrage toward the bottom lane and instantly channeled his teleport. As the teleport completed, his ultimate sliced through the Kai’Sa with perfect timing, allowing Doublelift to collect the easy kill on his overextended lane opponent.

He was even able to grab another kill on the enemy Wukong a few moments later. This helped his team get back into the match after another rough early game and they eventually won in 26 minutes.

There’s one little thing that would’ve made this clip even sweeter, though. If Doublelift was able to land his Essence Flux a second earlier to get extra damage on the Kai’Sa, it would’ve made the situation even more impressive. Unfortunately, he was a millisecond too late, but it doesn’t make the play any less great.

This play might make up a bit for the game he had earlier in his stream where he got matched up with Liquid’s entire League starting roster—and lost in spectacular fashion.