Doublelift met all of Team Liquid as allies while queuing—and proceeded to lose

An impromptu scrimmage ended in disaster.

Photo via Riot Games

Doublelift’s record with Team Liquid this LCS season might not have been the best, but few would still have bet against Liquid in a public match.

By a stroke of incredible luck, Doublelift got into a match with the entire Liquid roster on his team. The ADC reacted with astonishment as he realized what had happened.

“I’ve literally never seen this in my whole life, I’ve never had a lobby with my full team,” Doublelift said.

“If we lose this game, by the way, we are so fucked, Doublelift said, realizing the possible consequences of this opportunity.

It turned out that it wasn’t a cakewalk at all. Doublelift and Liquid were matched up against Eugene “Pobelter” Park and Cloud9’s academy bot lane.

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Impact’s Rumble fell victim to the first blood, dying at level two to the opposing Pobelter’s Cassiopeia after Wukong came out of the jungle to gank. Jensen fell victim shortly thereafter to the Wukong again.

Then, the enemy Jax teleported down to the bot lane and killed Doublelift’s Xayah. Doublelift proceeded to use his precious teleport down to the bot lane where he was caught out alone and fed away his life once more.

The unfortunate sequence of events saw the entire Liquid team falling far behind early in the game. The opposing blue team used their advantage to secure vital objectives in Rift Herald and the Cloud Drake, taking down Liquid’s mid lane swiftly.

While Liquid managed to stem the bleeding slightly with a decent Baron fight that saw them shut down the dominating Wukong, it was too little, too late. The pub stack still managed to secure the Baron and used it to steamroll Liquid’s bot lane and take down the Nexus.

At the very least, Liquid had fun and managed to laugh about the dire situation in the pub, including cracking jokes about the game appearing on YouTube with an accompanying title like “Is Team Liquid doomed?”

Even though they lost in a public match, Liquid will still return to the LCS this weekend after it was suspended due to rising concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. The LCS will be played fully online, with week eight beginning March 21.