Doublelift on Aphelios: “A champ with 2 buttons is never going to be hard”

Many people were worried that the new champ was going to be too complicated.

Photo via Riot Games

Superstar AD carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng shared his opinion on the newest champion heading to League of Legends yesterday. He said that Aphelios can’t be as complicated as he seems because he only has two buttons.

“He can be complex, but he can’t be hard to play,” Doublelift said. “It’s just a cool idea to have five weapons, you’re dual-wielding weapons… only MOBAs could have something that crazy, but a champ with two buttons is never going to be hard.”

Doublelift acknowledged that there are going to be many different micro-interactions between the main-hand and off-hand weapons that Aphelios has. But other than that, he thinks Aphelios will be simple to play. He compared the champion to Vayne, another relatively simple AD carry champion that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

When players first saw the ability list of Aphelios, they were overwhelmed with how many different aspects there were to his kit. But as Doublelift said, he only has two skills that he can use—his Q and his ultimate ability. Players can also press W to change which gun is in his main-hand and his off-hand.

Each weapon, however, has a different on-hit effect and a different Q ability attached to it. They can also be combined in different ways, which makes for ideal fights with certain weapon combinations.

Riot Games said that Aphelios will have one of the highest skill ceilings in League, so prepare for an extensive amount of practice if you want to master this champ.