Doublelift doesn’t blame Liquid’s struggles on “unlucky split,” says issues were simply caused by bad team performances

Liquid fell out of playoff contention for the first time since 2017.

Photo via Riot Games

After dominating the LCS for two years in a row, Team Liquid have completely fallen from grace and failed to qualify for the 2020 Spring Split playoffs. Many League of Legends fans were quick to blame the team’s struggles on unlucky occurrences throughout the season, but superstar AD carry Doublelift didn’t want to blame Liquid’s issues on luck.

“I would say there’s not too much stuff that was particularly unlucky,” Doublelift said in an interview with Ovilee May. “Like I understand the visa issues were really bad, and me getting sick was bad, but a lot of the problems were just caused by the players, the staff, and our performances.”

Doublelift said that this split had “some of the worst performances of all of our players ever.” He first criticized himself, saying that his early split play was “garbage” and that many other players struggled to find their form because they were either “tilted because of the state of the team” or their performances just weren’t good enough.

The 26-year-old veteran said that you can’t blame one specific person on the roster since each player had bad games that ended up forcing Liquid into a do-or-die situation in their last game of the season against Cloud9, who have been the best team in the league by far.

Doublelift also talked about the mentality of the team and how they all apologized to each other multiple times about their poor play. He said that he even apologized about his behavior early in the season, in reference to his lack of motivation during the opening weeks of the spring, which eventually got him benched.

Sometimes, the best teams in the world can get complacent if they stay at the top for too long. With Liquid, it felt like they needed this wake-up call to help find their passion for League again after stomping on the rest of the LCS for so long.

There’s now plenty of time for this superteam to regroup, recharge, and rekindle their competitive spirit ahead of the 2020 LCS Summer Split. This time, this season means everything since a chance to go to the World Championship will be at stake.