Doublelift on FunPlus Phoenix’s LWX: “If this guy won Worlds, I can definitely do it”

We'll have to wait until next year for him to prove it.

Photo via Riot Games

Team Liquid’s Peter “Doublelift” Yiliang chimed in on the 2019 Worlds finals bot lane matchup.

“Truthfully, I think Perkz is better than LWX,” Doublelift said on his Twitch stream. “I think Perkz was probably the best AD carry in the whole tournament. He was the best bot lane player in the tournament and I was really close to Perkz. If you guys watched what happened to him [LWX] in practice, it was just disgusting. I can’t imagine what Perkz was doing to him in scrims.”

The LPL’s FunPlus Phoenix had a shaky start to this year’s League of Legends World Championships, losing to underdog Splyce and J Team. Although the Chinese representatives took the LPL summer season by barely dropping a series, they looked uncharacteristically outmatched.

The knockout stage was an entirely different story, though. They quickly turned it around, swiftly defeating the LEC’s Fnatic, before thwarting domestic rivals Invictus Gaming in the semis, and finally, plowing through G2 Esports in the finals.

Despite their 3-0 dominance over the European favorites and Lin “LWX” Wei-Xiang’s deathless performance, Doublelift insisted FunPlus Phoenix’s success wasn’t down to the bot lane position.

“Watching him [LWX] win Worlds, I was thinking ‘Oh my god dude.’ If this guy won Worlds, I can definitely do it,” he said.

“I don’t think I’m in any way worse. Mechanically, I think my champion pool is just as good, maybe better. His play was not special,” he added.

Liquid, which just added former Fnatic jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen, will look to improve on their top 12 Worlds finish next year.